Witness the natural beauty after makeup removal

Facial makeup remover is the most basic cleaning step. Before removing makeup from the face, be sure to read the instructions for the makeup remover carefully, because different products are used in different ways. Apply cleansing cream on both sides of the nose, and gently rub the other parts from the inside to the outside. After the dirt is completely integrated with the cleansing milk, wipe it off or rinse it off.

Make-up remover is the first priority of beauty, and the moment of makeup removal will let the water slip away? How to remove makeup without hurting delicate skin , so that you can unload makeup as beautiful and moving? Let's let the editor tell you the eight key words about correct makeup removal!

Makeup remover

1. When removing makeup, the makeup residue and pores are removed one by one. At the same time, it is not only residual makeup and dirt, but also the moisture on the skin surface. If you are dry skin or have been suffering from dry skin during the season, you may wish to consider the use of oily texture remover products. This kind of texture is similar to skin care products. It contains a lot of moisturizing skin care ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, glycerin and lavender. It also maintains the skin's water and oil balance while removing makeup, and it is not easy to lose moisture. Ce Herbal's saponin cleansing oil is a good choice. The botanical formula contains a variety of botanical extracts, making the make-up remover no longer clean and a nourishing process.

2. Hot compress If you want to let the cleansing oil thoroughly exert the makeup remover, you can let the face "hot" first: firstly heat the towel in hot water, or put the wet towel in the microwave for 30 seconds to 1 minute, then Gently apply to face for 2-3 minutes. The heat and temperature increase can quickly soften the dry skin, make the cuticle soft, and the dirt will float on the surface of the skin. Then you can easily remove the makeup.

Makeup remover

3. Emulsification Many people mistakenly believe that the cleansing oil does not need to be emulsified with water. This view is exactly the need to correct! The process of emulsification is a process of decontamination, so the completeness of emulsification determines whether the cleaning is thorough. Take a proper amount of saponin cleansing oil and put it into the heated palm of your hand to preheat it. After a while, apply it to your face and the decontamination ability will be improved. Then pat the cotton pad with a small amount of warm water on the face, then massage it with your fingers and thoroughly emulsifie. After the cream turns into a milky white semi-liquid, wipe it off with a cotton pad.

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