After 90, the beauty of the latest fashion leader

After 90, it is a force that can't be seen a little. Now, after 90, it has become a powerful force to capture the public's attention. From Bieber's little girlfriend to the recent hot Fanning, the new forces are awesome, and even Emma Watson is facing obsolescence. Whether they are self-contained or imitated, they are the latest fashion leader .

● Pure and not changed

Idol veteran: Rinka

The Japanese mixed-race supermodel pear, which is more than 30 years old, is the idol that many Loli love to imitate. The "Pear Blossom Head", which was rolled up in Asia last year, is being driven by this woman. The so-called slap in the face of a red-faced old woman, how many pure beauty was destroyed by the years of hot hands. However, the years did not seem to have flowed through her, the eternal pink and bangs, the rosy red lips and the cherry-like red lips show her old legend.

Representative after 90: Lin Zhenna

After 90 beauty makeup

This kind of loli squats that Loli wants to sell the essence of Meng, they will not make heavy makeup, and the transparent makeup will highlight their good skin. Daxie Zhao said: I am what is the young tooth! Soft colors, natural nude makeup, sweet smiles, casual but not artificial little moves, this is the point! In a word, the faint is very beautiful.

● Wild Gothic Fan

Idol veteran: Avril Lavigne

Avril, who is known as the punk witch, is a smoker from the debut, plus the iconic gimmicks, the rebellious music, and the loli that is too fascinating to sneak up.

Representatives after 90: Taylor Momsen

After the 90s, the little loli are in a period of youth rebellion, and this makeup greatly satisfies the psychology of those little loli that are eager to change. The matte smoke is not very large, and the face of Loli's childishness can be well decorated. The eyebrows are brightly colored to echo the rebellious effect of rock, and the neighboring Lolita directly advances. The "bad girl" leader, just waiting for all the strangers to blame in the "bad" wind.

●Real Barbie Fan

Idol veteran: Britney Spears

After 90 beauty makeup

I believe that every little Lori has a Barbie in her heart. Thick and faint upper and lower eyelashes, super pink lipstick, like a porcelain doll-like makeup, deep and touching double eyelids with pink eye shadow or a small smoke, showing a little more sexy than a little sexy, It is enough to make the ordinary little loli turn into a little sweetheart in the comics.

Representatives after 90: Pixie Lott

This little sweet golden wave, plus a three-dimensional deep facial features, looks like a Barbie doll. The sexy and charming figure with the doll-like face indicates that nowadays, "Ten Yan is a great woman!"

● sexy and elegant

Idol veteran: Nicole Mary Kidman

It is the most eye-catching actress on the red carpet that relies on the face of Loli's face and the mature woman's taste. A red lipstick is lightly touched, with white skin and elegant eyeliner. The childish loli immediately emits a powerful queen.

Representatives after 90: Emma Watson

Emma Watson has stood out from the beginning with a red-haired and slender legs in a Hollywood blonde long-legged girl, but more warm and feminine red lips, sharp eyebrows, exquisite eye makeup She won the title of the elegant goddess.

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