Square face becomes small face trick

The star-like awl face does not have to be obtained through plastic surgery. In fact, through the clever blushing technique , the square face with the outline of the mandible can also be used to make up the star's small V face. I will teach you today, quickly. Learn it.

Square face small face skills: jaw shadow blush + short A-shaped hairstyle

Square face becomes small face trick

The square face with a prominent outline of the mandible requires a soft line to break the toughness, and the blush and hair style of the mandible focus on the lines of the jaw.

Square face coping skills Point:

1, the shade of the blush to modify the humerus while taking into account the mandibular angle

2, the blush at the cheekbones is fused with the shade of the blush

3, the hairstyle highlights the "A" sense, adding a sense of volume

4. Use a full, curled hairline to cover the jaw

STEP1 begins to modify from the humerus

Square face becomes small face trick

Apply a shading blush with a repairing force from the cheekbones to the back of the hairline.

STEP2 tips for mandibular modification

Apply down the ear to the lower jaw, as if creating an anti-"C" shape, then a slight transition at the neck, but not too large.

STEP3 brightens the long chin

In order to lengthen the face and break the lateral sense of the mandibular line, use the brightening powder to smear the chin to make the face more deep.

STEP4 adds a good color

Apply a blush to the top of the cheekbones in a circular motion.

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