Chongqing Adventure Association expert: ALICE was in distress due to inadequate preparation

On August 17, Zhao Chengzhang, deputy director of Yunyang County Tourism Bureau, and photographer Zhang disappeared during the expedition of the stalagmite river in Longtan. At present, the photographer was rescued and Zhao Chengzhang is still missing. There are unexpected situations during outdoor adventures. How can we avoid similar situations? To this end, the reporter interviewed Zhang Jiantu, deputy secretary-general of the Chongqing Exploration Association. He believes that many donkey incidents were caused by inadequate preparations and preparation and professional knowledge are not less.

Before you go, you need to learn more about how to do a dangerous assessment. Zhang Jiantu is a senior donkey and enjoys outdoor adventures. He said that before the departure of ALICE, it is necessary to have a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of the place where the expedition was conducted. It is necessary to grasp the natural conditions of the local terrain, weather changes in recent days, and so on.

“The accidental situation of ALICE’s going out on an adventure is often caused by inadequate preparations before.” Zhang Jiantu indicated that it is necessary to make an estimate of the dangerous situations that may be encountered, so as to be able to prepare in a targeted manner.

There are two main aspects of preparation: one is basic equipment and the other is professional knowledge. Expeditions are only safe if both are fully prepared.

Rope, medicine, and interphone essentials must not be forgotten

Zhang Jiantu said that in addition to basic equipment such as water, food, clothing, and sleeping bags, ALICE must also prepare ropes, first-aid medicines, machetes, walkie-talkies, and waterproof matches during outdoor adventures.

"The rope must be prepared. Generally speaking, a rope of about 10 meters can be prepared." Zhang Jiantu said that under normal circumstances everyone will forget the rope, in fact, the role of a lot of rope. One is that the rope can play a very good role in climbing or exploring from the cliff. Second, if someone is injured, using a rope and two wooden sticks can make a simple stretcher. "I will prepare the rope for every adventure. Although I don't use it basically, I will carry it. Just in case."

In addition to the ropes, there are first-aid medicines, including disinfectants and bandages. In addition, the walkie-talkie is also the focus. "When there are outdoor adventures, there are no cell phone signals in many places. If you are in danger and cannot go out for help, then the walkie-talkie can be used in a great way. If you have electricity, you can use it."

Professional knowledge needs to keep in mind that backup forces are important

After doing basic material preparation, you need to work hard on professional adventures. According to Zhang Jiantu, any donkey line without a solid professional adventure knowledge is dangerous. “Like field emergency skills, how to find camping grounds, how to cross rivers, etc. are all required to be learned and mastered.” Zhang Jiantu said that if ALICE could not find a place to receive professional training, it could also be used on professional adventure websites such as ALICE Space. Netizens exchange and share experiences.

The Chongqing Adventure Association stressed that if the people involved in the expedition are all inexperienced people, one or more “leaders” with extensive professional knowledge and experience must accompany them. "After a dangerous situation occurs, the team leader can effectively help everyone solve difficulties and seek rescue."

In addition, regardless of whether or not there is a team leader, the back-up forces during the expedition are indispensable. "When in front of an expedition, there should be rescue teams at the rear to make backup and keep in touch with the players in front."

The Chongqing Adventure Association also reminded ALICE members that they must make every preparation before the expedition. Any details should not be ignored. "If you don't have a lot of experience, don't venture into undeveloped or remote areas. Life safety is far more important than the excitement of adventure."

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