Folk soil method, acne, old Chinese medicine

Constipation is the number one enemy of acne success. Chinese medicine recommends that you usually ingest fresh vegetables and fruits, especially long-fiber celery, leeks, etc., or supplemented with Runtong capsules and aloe capsules to accelerate detoxification in the body.

Acne, commonly known as acne, is also known as acne in medical acne. It is a chronic inflammatory skin disease of the hair follicle sebaceous glands. It is good for young people, and it is mainly on the face and chest. From the perspective of Chinese medicine, hemorrhoids are often caused by body heat, or fatty foods, or due to bad mood, resulting in lung heat, or spleen and stomach dampness, and burning yin caused by yin deficiency. As a result, blood and blood are poisonous, and hot and humid deposits are formed on the surface, which is commonly known as acne.

Modern medical research has also proved that people with long-term constipation can not only cause abdominal distension, bad breath, dizziness, loss of appetite, fatigue, etc., but also cause skin diseases such as freckles, acne, pustules, blemishes and rough skin. It can be said that you want to make acne first for yourself to do a healthy self-examination. Constipation is the number one enemy of acne success. Chinese medicine recommends that you usually ingest fresh vegetables and fruits, especially long-fiber celery, leeks, etc., or supplemented with Runtong capsules and aloe capsules to accelerate detoxification in the body.

2 old Chinese medicine practitioners share the acne method

Causes of acne: The causes of acne are more complicated and related to many factors, such as unreasonable diet, nervousness, visceral dysfunction, poor living or working environment, lack of trace elements, genetic factors, constipation Wait. However, the main cause is that the level of androgen in the body is elevated, and the epithelial cells that stimulate sebum and hair follicles are condensed into the hair follicles, which form acne.

The key to traditional Chinese medicine acne: Chinese medicine has always been based on conditioning, for the root cause of acne, long-term and long-term conditioning. These conditioning include using traditional Chinese medicine, improving eating habits, and improving the body by massaging the body.

Method 1: Fresh potato slices

Principle: In the Chinese medicine recipe, the potato is a flat, slightly cool plant, which has the effects of beauty anti-aging, detoxification and anti-inflammatory, and promoting blood circulation and swelling. Potatoes are alkaline foods that can absorb excessive oil from the skin and prevent the production of acne. At the same time, it is better to remove acne marks and freckles.

Specific steps: Wash and peel the fresh potatoes, slice them, the thinner the better, so that it will stick to the skin. After cleansing, apply the potato chips to the place where the acne is acne. Remove it after 10~15 minutes. After repeated use, you will notice that the acne marks are obviously faded.

Method 2: Natural Aloe Vera

Principle: Aloe has always occupied an important position in the beauty of Chinese medicine. The Chinese Materia Medica has a record of aloe vera antibacterial, repair tissue damage, and the role of skin protection. Because aloe vera contains excellent anti-inflammatory and antibacterial ingredients such as bradykinin and aloe polysaccharide, it can effectively inhibit the growth of acne and acne, and also improve the skin's resistance.

Specific steps: mash or juice with natural aloe vera. After cleansing in the evening, apply it to your face for 20 minutes, then remove it and wash your face. The red acne on your face will be obviously darkened. The anti-inflammatory effect is very good and its own conditions.

Old Chinese medicine reminds attention:

1. The Chinese medicine window is incompatible with contraindications and mutual gram. When using old Chinese medicine acne products, do not mix with other brand cosmetics.

2, acne is more serious, please use the old Chinese medicine acne combination product for no less than 45 days.

3. After the acne is completely eliminated, please adhere to the long-term use of old Chinese medicine professional acne facial cleanser to ensure that your pores are not blocked.

4, Chinese medicine pay attention to, three points, seven points, internal adjustment is very important, or there will be repeated phenomenon. It should be noted that the affected area is clean and develops good hygiene.

5, eat spicy, spicy and irritating food, such as raw onions, garlic, pepper, coffee, cocoa, etc., eat more crude fiber food, eat more fruits and vegetables, drink more water, keep the urine and urine smooth. Women should pay attention to the normal physiological cycle and relieve dysmenorrhea in time.

6, in the acne episode, it is best not to use oily and powdery cosmetics, so as not to aggravate the skin's inflammatory response, to maintain a comfortable mood.

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