Pros and cons of various types of packaging for herbal tea bottles

In recent years, more and more popular herbal teas are on the market, and all types of herbal tea beverages have also been introduced to the market along the way. The brand of herbal tea on the market is even more varied. At present, there are PET bottles, cartons, and cans on the market for cold tea bottles.

Cans, as the packaging form of the traditional herbal tea Wang Laoji, have already been recognized by people. When people think of herbal tea, the first thing that comes to mind is the red cans, which has led to the adoption of this type of packaging for many herbal teas. However, canned beverages do have advantages in terms of reuse. However, the cost of cans is too high. At the same time, they need to be drunk once they are opened. This is indeed criticized by consumers.

Carton packaging is light, low cost and environmentally friendly. These advantages make it occupy a position in the herbal tea bottle market. However, the carton is not used in wedding banquets and other occasions, and it is also necessary to drink once after opening. Questions.

The appearance of the PET tea bottle has made up for the inability to repeatedly open the lid, and it is also very convenient to carry around. However, the environmental defects of the PET bottle cannot be ignored.

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