Novelty creative sofa appreciation


The design of this monster sofa is inspired by a shooting game in the classic red and white machine. The back of the sofa is designed to look like a hollow, with a different background to match the color of the sofa, you will find that the sofa also has an expression.


The sofa is simple in construction, the two-story sofa is soft and hard, and the soft upper sofa is longer than the bottom support. This has laid the changing personality of this sofa. You can insert this “more” piece into the seam of a two-story sofa as needed to create a unique sofa shape.


Don't look at the shape of this wooden sofa, its mezzanine may store 200 to 300 books! A friend who loves books can consider purchasing one, lying on the sofa, and taking the book one by one to take the book and read it. Don't mention more.


The graduation design of Taiwanese design students is amazing. This tofu sofa design is inspired by the soy products we often eat. It is full of "breathing" holes. It maintains the shape of the cube in normal times. It will change shape with your sitting posture and sit comfortably.


As long as there is love, no matter how long the road is, you can feel the warmth of your home during your trip.


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